Thursday 27 December 2018

WAEDC-RTTY contest 2018 #1 in Hessen …

Nice certificate just before end of the year. It was the 2nd time that I did submit a log to the WAEDC-contest team. After some successful trials, it was fun to hand out QTC during the WAEDC-RTTY contest. Activation time was limited and bands used 40m and 20m only. Yes! #1 in district Hessen 😎

Saturday 1 September 2018

DP6T/p winning the 2018 IARU1 CW fieldday (fixed class)

Unfortunately we couldn´t do the real fieldday-style setup for this contest. So I decided to go as single OP for the FIXED class in the CW leg of this contest. With the call DP6T/p I managed to win this class from our contest QTH in Wittgenborn. Thanks for all the QSOs. 

Tuesday 7 June 2016

WHSC65 Jubilee Award High Speed Club CW

The Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club HSC is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2016. During the month of March they were issueing a special award WHSC65 for working members of the HSC and special commemorative event stations DP65HSC, PA65HSC, PB65HSC, LZ65HSC and SQ65HSC. It was a nice evening chase, mainly on 40m CW, to collect all the required points for the award.

Monday 3 August 2015

Active in 2015 ...

Yes, there are also activities in 2015 ... In March we were quite active in the CQ-WPX SSB contest with our station DP6T. Our claimed score is showing #1 in the Multi-Multi class for Germany.
In May there was a participation in the Hessencontest with our clubcall DL0YY and the special DOK 50F31, celebrating 50.anniversary of our club OV Nidderau . The results have been published recently: #1 in the section 80m-SSB and #2 in 40-SSB.
In June an entry as DL3FCG into the King-of-Spain Kontest (SSB) resulted in an overall #10 Single Operator 20m DX (#1 DL).

Upcoming contest events will be IARU1-Fieldday as DP6T/p and WAG contest and CQWW-SSB in October again as DP6T.

See you in the contest !

Monday 1 December 2014

Nice worldtime clock ...

While surfing over some hamradio websites, I found this nice gadget for a worldtime clock which can be customized and be included in own website projects. The source can be downloaded from

Monday 3 November 2014

Tromelin Island QRV - Incredible Pile-up for FT4TA

The last hamradio activation from Tromelin island was in 2000- more than 14 years ago. Many DXers, almost everyone of the younger generation, are looking for one QSO with this absolutely rare DX entity. In November 2014 a team of french operators is QRV for 10 days, bringing this DX country on the air as FT4TA. Right from the beginning of their operation, the pile-up of calling people for FT4TA was incredible. I have never heard a simliar pile-up in the last years. The split range for QSX was more than 25kHz up of their CQ frequency. Incredible.... Thousands of callers where looking for at least one QSO.

I am one of those lucky guys: QSO on 12m SSB and 10m CW - already confirmed at Logbook-of-the-world ! Thank you guys! What a DX ... and an All-Time-New-One for me!

Monday 1 September 2014

Contest Activity DP6T in CQWW and WAG 2014

It is late summer 2014 and we are starting with the preparations at DP6T for the contest months to come. Our most important contest activity will be in October during the WAG (Worked-All-Germany) and the CQWW-SSB contest.
  • WAG contest 18./19.Oct 15:00 UTC/24hrs
  • CQWW-SSB 24./25.Oct 00:00UTC/48hrs
Last year we finished 3rd place in Multi-Multi category for Germany in the CQWW and #8 in WAG (Multioperator).

Have you already seen our short film from the last year´s activity at DP6T ? Don´t miss it!

"We are always looking for new hires ! If you are intersted in hamradio contesting - and your are living somewhere near JO40PG - and you wanna join our contesting team - please send us your email to DP6T(at) !"