Many radioamateurs are reluctant to use the electronic QSL card service of eQSL. I am not !
I like this platform, I am using this QSL service as much as Lotw and the good old paper QSL service of our DARC buro.

As other organizations are accepting eQSL for their own award programs, it is now much easier to apply for certain awards, which are involving many many QSO points. As an example you can take the WAE award ("Worked All Europe") from the DARC , where you have to count 300+ points from 70+ entities to achieve the TOP WAE award level.

Beside other clubs are using eQSL points for the award program, the eQSL team is offering own awards. IMHO those eAwards are not as nice as other paper awards...

However, the challenge behind those eQSL awards stays the same: you HAVE to work all 40 zones and you HAVE to receive eQSL confirmation from all those 40 zones before you get credit for you eZ40 award!

You HAVE to work all 50 states and not to forget: you HAVE to receive eQSL confirmations from stations from all those 50 US states, before you can apply for the eWAS award ...

...Zone 23 was the hardest to get an eQSL from. Finally it was JT1DN from Mongolia who confirmed a RTTY QSO on 15m back from April 2012.

...WY7LL from Wyoming, N8MSC from Michigan, W0WP from Iowa and KF7QGD from Arizona are single eQSLs from those states. All other states are confirmed several times by eQSL; even those "rare one" like ID, SD and ND.

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