Monday, 3 September 2012

2nd place JARTS contest

Just found the results of the JARTS WW RTTY contest 2011. The JARTS is the "Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society". From Tenerife/Canary Islands I spent some hours on the radio as EA8/DL3FCG and worked 340 stations in RTTY. The final result is continental 2nd place for Africa. The overwhelming 1st place for Africa was 5C5W from Morocoo with 1.790 Qs.

One year before, I achieved continental winner for Africa with 1st place in JARTS 2010 RTTY contest as EA8/DL3FCG.

To be honest: not many stations from Africa have submitted their logs to the contest committee. Therefore a TOP result could be achieved in the leaderboard for Africa, even with modest equipment. But anyway: I could claim myself of being a continental winner in worldwide RTTY contest :-) 

However: I never received any plaque or diploma from the JARTS. Not even any kind of email with a notification (...not even thinking about a congratulation...). But anyway: it was fun to take part and I will be active as EA8/DL3FCG again on October 20th in the JARTS 2012 competition...

Update September, 10th: Meanwhile I got my certificate from 2011 in the mail. The contest team sent it previously to my holliday adress in Teneriffa. Surprisingly there was no such person available at that adress. So the diploma was returned to sender to Japan ...

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