Sunday, 23 September 2012

WAE TOP is top !

Applied for the WAE TOP award from the DARC e.V. and got the award plaque in the mail after only a few weeks of turnaround time. After yeras of collecting points for this award, the German DCL ("Deutsche Contest Log"), a database platform for QSO confirmations, very much comparable to LotW and eQSL, is offering a smooth way to get the many many points and confirmations from all the European countries well sorted. The WAE-Top plaque requires 70 WAE countries and 300 bandpoints. And this is, what it looks like ...

By the way: the DCL platform is open for usage for hams all over the world, not only for members of DARC. If you want to get rid of sending 300 QSL cards to an award check point: go with the DCL !

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