Saturday, 13 October 2012

DP6T - Xtra large ...

Recently I was helping with the setup of the contest station DP6T. We are just preparing everything for the upcoming CQWW SSB contest. This station is really Xtra large...
40m tower with 2 stacked 2ele 40m +80m Dipole @35m.
25m tower with 2 stacked 4ele for 20m
25m tower with 2 stacked 5ele for 15m
Tower for 10m 5ele or Vertical.

And the Best: everything is completely mobile. Yes! Even the 25m and 40m towers are mobile tower. The BigOne  is on top of truck and everything will be packed away in a garagge after the contest season...

I would guess: the biggest mobile contest station in the world !?

2x2ele 40m + 80m dipole
2x4ele 20m

The Big1

Preparing the 40m tower
2x4ele 20m @25m tower

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