Sunday, 31 August 2014

DP6T wins 4th place CQ-WPX-SSB Contest (Multi-Two)

The result of the CQ-WPX-SBB contest 2014 is now final. The crew at DP6T wins 4th place in Germany in the categrory Multioperator-Two Tranmsitter. The crew just missed the podium by a small number of points. The Top teams of Germyn in the category:
  1. DQ8N  30.879184 pts (7202 Qs, 1652 WPX)
  2. DR5N  20.550.400 pts (5202 Qs, 1520 WPX)
  3. DP7D  10.785.768 pts (3571 Qs, 1308 WPX)
  4. DP6T  10.481.302 pts  (3555 Qs, 1346 WPX)
Although we had a lot of trouble with our equipment during the contest, we a happy with the current outcome. However: next time - we will be better  :-)

DP6T - mobile contesting

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